Edition Danielle van Zadelhoff: limited art print + monography

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Edition Danielle van Zadelhoff


On the occasion of Danielle van Zadelhoff’s monography, Stockmans will issue an edition (limited to 12 pieces) in collaboration with the artist. This luxury box contains the art book and an edition in a luxurious folder, numbered and signed by the artist in a limited print with certificate. 

Danielle van Zadelhoff catches the light, has a great eye for detail and works with intimate poses. Her intuitive working method, the natural but emotional expressions of the models, the light that seemingly emphasises those intimate moments, are what makes her photos so moving, poetic, inescapable, and universally captivating. Her work is often compared to that of the old masters from the renaissance, yet despite van Zadelhoff’s use of the chiaroscuro effect, her images have a distinct contemporary feel to them. She captures the Zeitgeist with contemporary images that have a sense of stillness and are devoid of noise. They invite you to have a moment of deep inner reflection.

The book is filled with 127 full colour pictures in a black background that give an intimate glimpse into the artist’s world. The reproduction process on luxury paper, the use of intense black and the fragility of the photos necessitate the use of gloves, which are included with the book. They protect the images and simultaneously create a sort of ritual for experiencing the artist’s work. Combined with a beautiful limited edition print, this luxury box is a real collector's item for every fan of van Zadelhoff’s work!


Product information edition

Packaging: luxury box with gold foil

Material: cardboard covered with linen

Contents: certificate, edition (limited to 12 issues), hardcover book (worth € 56)

Edition: 12 numbered and signed prints, 6 artist's proofs and 2 publisher proofs

Price: € 1.750 (6% VAT excluded)

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