Survivors: a limited edition by Danielle van Zadelhoff

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About the Survivors project

The Survivors! AIDS Since the 80s Project is a portrait exhibition at London City Hall to mark World AIDS Day 2017.

The ‘AIDS Since the 80s Project’ commissioned artist Danielle van Zadelhoff to make portraits, which were first shown at City Hall in London in an exhibition created by the Project founders Adam Roberts and Paul Coleman. The subjects are people who have given filmed interviews for what will become one of the largest archives of its kind, documenting experience of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. There will also be a feature film to distil these remarkable stories.

This limited edition magazine features images from the exhibition, printed partly on Munken Polar Rough and on Arctic Volume. To stay true to the atmosphere of the original prints, a large size of 34 x 46 cm was chosen. The magazine comes in a plastic folder, with handwritten title and edition number. Only a 100 issues are available and part of the proceeds go towards the ‘AIDS Since the 80s Project’.  

“This project is close to my heart because these survivors are witnesses to our history. In these pictures I have tried to capture a reflection of their souls and strength, of the fragility of beauty in their imperfection: in search of the connection between the landscape of skin and the inner soul.” - Danielle van Zadelhoff

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