SOLD-OUT - Danielle van Zadelhoff - Monografie

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About the book:

On the occasion of a big solo exhibition of Danielle van Zadelhoff, her photographs were collected in a luxurious art book published by Stockmans. The book is filled with 127 full colour pictures in a black background to make the images pop out even more, printed in Staccato screening. The reproduction process on luxury paper, the use of intense black and the fragility of the photos necessitate the use of gloves, which are included with the book. They protect the images and simultaneously create a sort of ritual for experiencing the artist’s work.


About the artist:

Danielle van Zadelhoff started with contemporary photography in 2013 and from the very beginning her work leaves a profound impression. She catches the light, has a great eye for detail and works with intimate poses. During shoots she discusses the poses with the models, but mostly leaves them free to decide how to position themselves. This has a disarming effect but most importantly, it makes the poses feel real and the emotions appear natural. Her work is often compared to that of the old masters from the renaissance, yet despite van Zadelhoff’s use of the chiaroscuro effect, her images have a distinct contemporary feel to them. She captures the Zeitgeist with contemporary images that have a sense of stillness and are devoid of noise. They invite you to have a moment of deep inner reflection.

Binding : Hardcover
Size: 235 x 305 mm
Weight: 1,95 kg
Language: NL, EN
Number of pages: 248
ISBN: 9789077207369
| Ian Macilwain

this is one of the most remarkable phonebooks I have ever seen. The imagery and lighting are quite phenomenal and its difficult to remind yourself that you are not looking at old master paintings. The skill she has used in lighting her models would normally come from decades of practice which she does not have. The print quality of the book is also quite exceptional and generates a feeling of awe and wonderment in the viewer. It is a real triumph!

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