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To accompany Sergio De Beukelaer's solo exhibition in CC Mechelen the artist creates in collaboration with Stockmans Art Books and Plus-One Gallery a limited edition of 12 unique art works to finance his first publication, the.polaroid.paintings.

This multiple finds its roots in the original image of a squared grid, constructed of a pattern of 45 squares which create the base of these 15 polaroid paintings …

The starting point is one and the same …
the outcome different ,
the image gives a view
on what painting is all about , COLORPOWER , …

These 15 paintings give a ‘ cut-out view ’
or I might say : ‘ a digital snapshot ’ ,
‘ intro - realism ’ executed with a part of HYPERCONTEXT

Despite the atmosphere of a subjective act,
The Objectivity resolves in every single painting …

SDB 2020

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