Het beste van Jan Bosschaert

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About the book:

Most people have heard of only one aspect of chameleon Jan Bosschaert's career. At 60, he can look back on a varied oeuvre. High time then for a book in which everything he drew, painted, sketched, doodled and scribbled, is assembled. 

First and foremost, Jan considers himself a storyteller who creates life on the page through lines. He creates his own world or fills that of another with his fantasy. He does so with plenty of humour, a dash of melancholy and a message. Occasionally very simple, with a few scribbles, but always with unmistakable craftsmanship. 

Join a mixed group of writers, actors, journalists, musicians and colleagues and read about their experiences with artist Jan Bosschaert. 

Discover Bosschaert's hidden treasures; the ones he took from their hiding places for this book. Meet the illustrator, cartoonist and painter! 

Binding : Hardcover with linnen
Size: 24 x 28 cm
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Language: NL
Number of pages: 216
ISBN: 9789077207406
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