Tom Liekens - Dog Years

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Tom Liekens (°1977) makes monumental paintings, woodcuts and collages. He is fascinated by the imaginary way of picturing flora and fauna in paintings, fairy tales or movies. The artificial representation of nature in natural history museums, cabinets of curiosity or hunting trophy rooms provide an endless source of inspiration. His art showcases animal-like behaviour in humans and anthropomorphism in animals, thereby expressing the ambiguity of the relation between nature and mankind. His work is larded with references to art history and cultural history, while also implicitly confronting contemporary topics. For more than twenty years the artist has been putting himself in an entirely unique position in the art world. This richly illustrated book, published in collaboration with De Vrienden van De Zwarte Panter, includes texts of Marjan Doom, Dirk Draulans, Jeroen Olyslaegers and Johan Terryn.

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ISBN: 9789077207895
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