Reg Herygers - Eight Days a Week, Thirteen Months a Year

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Reg Herygers creates fascinating typographical experiments for every month of 2021. One day is added to each week and a surprising thirteenth month complements the series. 13 numerical shapes play a game of light and dark, while concealing each other. They merge together in a colourful abstraction that makes one forget time. The calendar is used to playfully denounce the rat race of daily life and to compensate for lack of time. "Eight Days a Week, Thirteen Months a Year" indicates more time for oneself and especially for the people you care about!

Part of the profits of this project will go to Tejo, an organisation dedicated to vulnerable young people between 10–20 years old. In these challenging times it is more necessary than ever to pay attention to our younger generation to create a perspective on a sustainable future.

Stockmans finds inspiration in beauty, people and their stories. The unconditional love of paper, the anatomy of letters and the art of typography, design and binding, the power of colours and the smell of inks, printing technology and its innovations. A painting, fi lm, photography, dance, theatre and opera, architecture or sculpture, fashion and fabrics, the right cut, the golden ratio, nature and the universe, literature and philosophy, to finally construct an art book as the ultimate Gesamtkunstwerk. At the end the values of Bruno Devos and Stockmans are crystallized by the creative fire that drives the human soul in combination with a humanistic approach towards life.


Production and Printing Stockmans
Printed in EC
Published by Stockmans, in cooperation with undercast

Printed on G-Snow by Arctic Paper
Edition of 750 copies and 25 artist’s proofs

© 2020, Stockmans and Reg Herygers — — — —

Binding : Glued
Size: 34 x 47 cm
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Language: NL
Number of pages: 14
ISBN: 9789077207451
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