Will Beckers - The Outsider

ISBN nummer: 9789464363104
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Artist Will Beckers says that by opening himself up, by translating, reinterpreting and re-imagining his observations, he knows that he is connected to something big, which we call ‘our world’. Now, his connection between nature and art is so strong that the boundaries between them are blurred. We, human beings, are not meant to live as outsiders, but to connect. Yet a view from the outside does provide perspective and consequently helps us to know ourselves better. That is how real connections are established. Will’s art can help us understand the importance of the position that human beings occupy on mother earth and our relationship with nature.

A sketch of one of his works adorns the cover, embossed in copper hotfoil. The contrast between this large imprint and the rough, linnen hardcover creates a tactile link with the nature works and sculpted works inside the book. The book was printed on high-end paper and the first edition was printed in 1000 copies. There is also a limited edition of 100 copies, which has inverted colours in linnen and foil and includes an exclusive print, hand-signed by the artist.


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Bindwijze: Hardcover
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ISBN: 9789464363104
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