Thierry Bonnaffé - a sensitive touch

ISBN nummer: 9789077207710
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“I always strive for a well balanced, restful composition, in which the technical aspects get as much attention as the aesthetic ones,” states Thierry Bonnaffé, a Belgian artist who works in the tradition of figure painting established during the Renaissance and pursued until Impressionism. In his search for harmony and balance in the representation of feminine beauty and sensuality, Bonnaffé manifests affinities with postromantic art. His charcoal and sanguine sketches combine a rare delicacy and sureness of touch with creativity of vision. Thierry Bonnaffé comes from a multidisciplinary background. He studied architecture in Saint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. He received a degree in cinematography as well as studying drawing with R. Delrue. Although he continues to work on architecture and film, Bonnaffé is most passionate about drawing and painting the female figure.

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ISBN: 9789077207710
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