ISBN nummer: 9789464363340
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Conceived in the form of an artist's book, Replica Falsifica is a collection of "archetypal" images, photographs of landscapes and of objects found on the net and photographied.
These images oscillate between fiction and reality. The result is a "promenade" through unusual landscapes that refer to a cultural past and collective imagery. In black and white, printed on a concrete-looking cardboard and unfolding in the form of a 36-pages Leporello, Replica Falsifica looks like a collection of "false friends". The texts that accompany the images would seem to be a guide and an aid to understanding. The very opposite is true in fact, as the "poems" by the author and essayist Eric Min (BE, 1959) only add to the viewer's confusion, as they are disconnected from the images they seem to mirror. As in the previous series Winks of tangency and “Borderline”, it’s a wish to unmask the make-believe and misleading tangent of images through this “collection” which verges on abstraction.


Photography: Paul D’Haese
Authors: Eric Min & Jean-Marc Bodson
Form: David Boon & Paul D’Haese

Leporello Dim. 15 x 12 x 4 cm, folded - Unfolded 480 cm
34 images, 32 texts, 2 x 36 pages
Black & white, offset print on gey cardboard, case cover

Images of the publication: Paul D'Haese and David Boon

Limited co-edition Hangar / Contretype / Stockmans Art Books

Bindwijze: Hardcover, leporello
Maat: 150 x 120 mm
Gewicht: 300 gr
Taal: EN
Aantal pagina's: 72
ISBN: 9789464363340
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