Guillaume Bijl - Limited Edition - Composition Trouvée

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Composition Trouvée, 2021

This multiple appears as an edition accompanying the first 25 copies of Johan Pas & David Vermeiren, Guillaume Bijl. Multiples & Editions, Verlag der Buchhandlung
Walther und Franz König and Stockmans Art Books, Cologne, 2021, in collaboration with Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.  
Edition of 25 + 5 A.P. signed and numbered on certificate. 
Fabric and plastic: three doormats
Total size: 1200 x 700 mm

"The whole series of “Multiples & Editions” I have realized, usually corresponds to my installations of a certain period: posters, small compositions, some “Sorry’s”, tableaux vivants, projects. Often, these multiples were created as an annex of temporary installations, or with the motivation to help non-profit organizations or to cover the costs of installations in galleries. After 40 years of working on these, I was surprised by their number: about 80. I have always seen this as a “sideline” activity, but now that the Antwerp Academy is exhibiting these and they are being published in a book, I am pleasantly surprised and happy. After an extensive search at home and abroad (I only own about ten of these multiples & editions) we arrive at a remarkable result, which reflects all aspects of my oeuvre and indirectly brings them back into attention." - Guillaume Bijl, 2021

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