Cuba Photography Missions - Where are you from?

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Like photography itself, the Cuba Photography Missions is slippery, complex and multi-layered. It is self-defined as a project in documentary photography; it is a collaborative international exchange among institutions and artists; it is an educational initiative; it has resulted in art. As someone whose knowledge of Cuba comes, in part, from direct experience of the place and more from photographs of it, it has been my pleasure to take part in this effort, adding some historical context as well as a personal perspective.

Towards, the end of this project, in the beginning of 2020, I took part in a symposium about it in Havana just before we all locked down. Now, a year later, I am writing for the catalogue. It’s dark March in Cambridge; Cuba and the person I was when I went there seem very far away. As usual I turn to photographs and the ideas around them, hoping to figure out how I know what I do about Cuba and how that relates to documentary ideas and ideals. 

Excerpt from a text by Alison Nordström


Flemish promoter, Bert Danckaert
Cuban promoter, Ossain Raggi González
Co-promoter, Charlotte Lybeer
GEO, An Vranckx
Flemish partner institution, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp,
Artesis-Plantijn University College, Antwerp
Cuban partner institution, Instituto Superior de Arte – ­Universidad de las Artes
Participating photographers, Bert Danckaert, Ulla Deventer, Ricardo Elías, Liudmila & Nelson, Charlotte Lybeer, Ossain Raggi González, Simon Roberts, Linet Sánchez
Curator, Joachim Naudts
Interviews and translations, Daylenis Blanco Lobaina 
Editing, Ossain Raggi González, Simon Roberts
Graphic design, Kim Beirnaert
Coordination and advise, Bruno Devos
Concept, Bert Danckaert
Texts, Alison Nordström, Bert Danckaert, Ossain Raggi González
Published by, Stockmans Art Books

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ISBN: 9789464363067
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