Christophe De Pelsemaker & Paul Ibou - Letters as Symbols - International collection of lettermarks

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The logos featured in Letters As Symbols are a combination of work made by the greatest of all time and of work by contemporary known and unknown designers or agencies. Looking purely at the aesthetics of these logos, they are all equal and have the qualities a good logo must have. Because Paul and I did not want to make a distinction between famous and non-famous designers, the logos are arranged in a non-specific way. The only order that is used is the alphabetical order per letter. This gives you the possibility of being surprised to see the same level of quality between some of the respected leaders and the less known designers.

Christophe De Pelsemaker

Compiled by Christophe De Pelsemaker

© Concept and cover originally designed by Paul Ibou in 1991

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ISBN: 9789077207642
| Nader Badri Ahari

Dear artist
Christophe De Pelsemaker

Hope I always have health and always in professional activities And good luck with your art.
I have been in graphic design for many years and especially in designLogo I teach and practice.
And some time ago while searching the internet for your book( Letters As Symbols)
By reviewing the summary of this book,
I found that this can be a good source for research and Study students and graphic design students.
So I wanted to email you and ask you if I could You may send me a copy of this book.
And also if you like I would love to have this book translated into Persian
And to the students and young graphic designers.
I am confident that the contents and examples of logos provided in this book,
can be very helpful Good to help this student and me.

Thank you for your attention and assistance in this cultural and artistic activity Which is a great help
for poor and low-income students,
Thank you very much.And we look forward to your hopeful response to these students.
Good luck.

Nader Badri Ahari
Graphic Desigener
25 January 2020

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