Alexis Gautier - Moving with the shape of an eight

ISBN nummer: 9789490521585
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Today, I am in the process of weaving a ‘book’ object with the work of Alexis Gautier. A slow weaving,… that speaks of a very different tempo, conjuring up a sense of spaciousness and possibility, with the intention not only to encourage other paces of engagement, but also to inspire and imagine the pursuit of a more holistic way of knowing oneself, encountering others, sharing knowledges and experiences, as well as evolving together toward harmonious and resilient forms of living. Editing does not exist through cuts but through movement, slow movement in which time becomes space and space becomes time. An arrow’s time, an arrow’s space.

Bindwijze: OTA-bind
Maat: 150 x 210 mm
Gewicht: 360 gr
Taal: UK
Aantal pagina's: 224
ISBN: 9789490521585
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