Zeger Garré - Dank U

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In March 2022, Zeger is putting together his third engaged project as a photographer and sensitive human being. It will become his most personal photography project. He is completely cured of a severe corona infection that he contracted two years earlier. The work of doctors and caregivers makes a deep impression on him. In March 2020, his life is at stake, but the healthcare workers pull him through in dire circumstances. Zeger is bursting with energy and to show his gratitude, he has organized an exhibition of portraits of doctors and caregivers at Ghent University Hospital and other well-known personalities who have cooperated with him. His aim is to immortalize the portraits with accompanying stories and experiences in a luxurious photo book. He has already determined the title of the book for some time: ‘THANK YOU’. The proceeds of the financial benefits of the project will go to “Habbekrats”, an organization that offers young people aged between 8 to 18, meaningful leisure activities, but also a listening ear, friendship and warmth.

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ISBN: 9789464363180
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