Ward Nijs - Wild

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A book in the pipeline. Already published in a Dutch, German and French version, Ward Nijs’ WILD is waiting to be adapted and published into a UK version.

Going back in time starting with historical illustrations, the author draws and paints the main protagonists of today, the hunter, nature and wildlife, brought together in their colourful habitat. Action style drawings, combined with still life painting and portraiture are part of his practice in this beautifully and generously illustrated book. The powerful images of Ward Nijs bring you face-to-face with the animals that are so beautiful and show great strength.

Part of the message is trying to balance the contemporary hunter in his conservation strategy, where he helps to conserve species, habitat and biodiversity. Preserving, guarding and protecting in this context are the key words and main goals to keep hunting sustainable in 2019 and beyond..

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Binding : Hardcover
Size: 22 x 29 cm
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Language: NL, FR, DU
Number of pages: 264
ISBN: 9789077207536
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