Stockmans 125 jaar

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A business and family portrait of a small family business in and around Antwerp since 1875… The Stockmans family until the sixties, then the Schöller family, succeeded in 1984 by the Devos family and since September 2010 in a new partnership, Stockmans Kalenders bvba with the De Bie family, De Bie Printing in Duffel, together with Bruno Devos. A story of numbers and emotions, of family and economic histories, of rise and fall and rise, of world wars and overcapacity in a fantastic sector, of people and humanism, with the city of Antwerp and Christoffel Plantijn as their inspiration. The book was presented in 2003 at the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, a beautiful gem of a museum, world heritage.

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ISBN: 9077207031
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