SOLD OUT - Thomas Vandenberghe - Bangkok

ISBN number: 9789077207420
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About the book

At first glance this book is filled with blank white pages; that is until you sneak a peek between the pages and discover a photo series. Thomas Vandenberghe calls himself a diary photographer. His quick snapshots tell intimate stories that we are perhaps not supposed to see, Thomas is not entirely sure. This doubt is present in the concept of his book ‘Bangkok’. The Japanese stab binding features sections that have not been cut, creating inner pages that can only be seen by peeking in between. Having the photo’s on these inner pages requires an effort from the reader and makes him an integral part of the intimate atmosphere the photo series breathes. The book comes with two polaroid pictures from the series. With a limited amount of 150 copies on Munken Print White, handnumbered by the artist and packed in plastic, this edition is a real collector’s item.


About the artist

Thomas Vandenberghe (Ghent, Belgium) makes small, intimate photographs, a kind of diary of his personal life. Using a compact film camera with flash, his aesthetic style is the one of the private snapshot. His work deals with the psychology of the image as much as the psychology of relationships and is driven by longing, love and loss.

Binding : Japanese stab binding
Size: 18 x 13 cm
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Language: EN
Number of pages: 78
ISBN: 9789077207420
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