Peter Jacquemyn - Drawing First

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     “I draw every day.
     Every morning begins with a sketch.
     Drawing and sculpting are closely related activities.
     A chain saw works almost just as flexibly as a stroke of a pen;
     with my saw machine I draw in three dimensions.
     I am a drawer in everything I do.”

     – Peter Jacquemyn


Peter Jacquemyn (°1963) is a multitalented artist who has been drawing, sculpting, making music, and performing for forty years. This book showcases his sketches, drawings, and sculptures from the latest years, depicting birds and people: lovers and sufferers, dancers and deceased, insurgents and homeless. He brings them to life on paper with just a few strokes of a pencil or sets them free from tree trunks using a chain saw. The way he works is spontaneous and pinpoint sharp. Seemingly brute, but at the same time vulnerable and playful, with intuition as his compass.

Binding : Hardcover
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Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9789464363456
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