Maaike Ottoy - Over poezen met vleugels en andere alledaagse waanzin

ISBN number: 9789077207413
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About the book:

A beautiful little book containing the wonderous world of Maaike; a world in which cats have wings and where the surreal is an everyday occurrence. 

Maaike is 25 years old and has been diagnosed with autism. Two years ago she did not feel well and ended up in the hospital. This was the start of a long series of hospitalizations that would go on for 1 year. Thanks to family, friends and a new creative outlet she got through this tough period. At the hospital Maaike started making collages. Defying expectations of dark themes, her work is lighthearted with a dash of humour.

One and a half years ago, Maaike was told she has autism. Now that she knows what is going on with her and thanks to the right therapy, she is doing a lot better.

With this project she wants to spread the word and show other people who are going through a difficult time that there is hope. Making this  book was her dream and Maaike wants to encourage others to chase their dreams too. Anything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself.

Step into Maaike's colourful world, one that is intimitely personal and yet very recognizable. 


Binding : Open binding
Size: 16,5 x 23,5 cm
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Language: NL
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9789077207413
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