NICC x 25 - 25 years standing up for artist's rights

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The publication you are holding tells the story of 25 years dedicated to artists in our country. It is a snapshot that, in another quarter century, we believe will still be relevant.

In 1998, protests erupted against the closure of the International Cultural Center (ICC), an independent art space in Antwerp. Just a few weeks later, these well-organised protests led to the establishment of the New International Cultural Center (NICC).

Over the years, NICC has undertaken various initiatives to support artists. We co-founded institutions like Extra City and Studio Start (now known as Morpho). We actively contributed to the development of studio policies in Antwerp, facilitated social security for artists, and distributed model documents. All of this was aimed at improving the socio-economic position of visual artists.

Excerpt from text of Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert, algemeen en artistiek coördinator NICC

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ISBN: 9789464363548
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