Nanna Reseke - Taking a book for a walk

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Taking a book for a walk displays a selection of Nanna Reseke’s sketchbooks and drawings made during her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (2016–2020). Like the sketchbook, which is often carried around, the books and drawings presented in this publication were taken for a walk and documented in their natural state and in natural environments.

Drawing is the most direct way through which a thought or an idea can be visualized. It represents the first step towards creation either in the form of a scripture, a sketch, or a series. Sometimes intuitively as an incitement to something else, sometimes well thought out as an artistic medium in itself. Drawing can function as a thinking process, as a research method, and as visual output.

For the students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, drawing is a way of unlocking, discovering and questioning images and thoughts. Often the drawings do not leave the studio.

Publishing house Stockmans Art Books wants to make these otherwise hidden drawings visible through a biennial prize. The 2019 Prize Stockmans Art Books was won by Nanna Reseke (publication) and Yi Zhang (exhibition at INBOX, M HKA, Antwerp).

The edition took place on Wednesday May 22, 2019, and included jury members Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Arpaïs Du Bois, Bruno Devos, Paul Verrept, as well as chairman Johan Pas.

The nominees were:
Youzhi Bi Jewellery Design & Gold- and Silversmithing
Nina Faivre Jewellery Design & Gold- and Silversmithing
Roselynne (Amy) Faust Fine Arts / Sculpture
Lasse Geudens Fine Arts / Painting
Julie Illegems Costume Design
Like Koopmans Fine Arts / Printmaking
Lucia Mrakovcic Fine Arts / Sculpture
Annelies Rasker Costume Design
Nanna Reseke Graphic Design
Maximilian Rittler Fashion
Witold Vandenbroeck Fine Arts / Painting
Yi Zhang Fine Arts / In Situ

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ISBN: 9789077207819
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