Marc Verstockt

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Mark Verstockt (1930-2014) played an essential role in the Belgian post-war art scene. Starting from the fifties, his work fits in with the European New Tendencies and the ZERO movement, which became evident through Verstockt’s inclusion in the exposition ‘Monochrome Malerei’ in Leverkusen, the first big ZERO manifestation in 1960. During the midsixties, Verstockt attained a geometrical visual language which was a permanent motif in his work from that point onwards. He became a respected defender of Minimal Art, with a preference for the square. We are delighted to shed a new light on Verstockt’s oeuvre with this book and the clarifying texts by historian David Vermeiren. Verstockt’s evolution is explained, his international contacts are discussed and the reader gains insight into his extraordinary and poetic work, from 1950 to 1985.

Published in collaboration with Gallery Callewaert-Vanlangendonck

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ISBN: 9789082482621
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