Maarten Mellemans - Fools With Dreams

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About the book:

The story: Maarten Mellemans gave up his job and apartement for a year and spent the year living on trade. In exchange for his services as a professional photographer he asked for a place to sleep, some food and transportation to the next place. The result is ‘Fools With Dreams’, a book about his social experience with over 3.000 photos of what he experienced that year, combined with interviews of the people he met and short essays about life on the road. The book comes with 32 separate photo prints. The book offers an intimate look at the photographer's life and that of the 62 'fools' he met along the way. Another interesting aspect is that the book was financed through a crowdfunding campaign. Without support there would have been no book.    



Binding : softcover, open back+ 32 cards/photoprints included
Size: 17 x 23,5 cm
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Language: EN
Number of pages: 295
ISBN: 9789077207437
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