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Kasper De Vos (°1988) gained fame with installations and sculptural interventions that referred to consumerism and its associated food culture in a way that was both humorous and sculptural. Specifically, he set up a hamburger joint next to the Ghent Academy where you could buy inedible sculptures resembling hamburgers and all the other items on the menu in such an eating place. Later, in Antwerp, he built a real pizza oven above which hung a flag shaped like a slice of golden yellow hole cheese. And in Knokke, he set up a market stall on the gaudy Zeedijk where he sold modelling clay from his own soil. Similar confusions are also found in his sculptures, such as a sculpted arm hanging in a vacuum that appears to be carrying a black rubbish bag. Or large plaster eggs next to a giant egg box. Often, his sculptures combine found objects or materials with modelled elements. His sculptures and installations seem to stem from a kind of tactile and visual pleasure, a play of formal and substantive associations and a mild form of humour that takes the form of an open, playful, imaginative dance with materials, techniques, things and thoughts. His work evokes stories without being illustrative or pedantic. It is a kind of thinking with shapes, which in turn makes us think and dream. Surprising, inventive, generous, plastic, virtuosic, open and oneiric.

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