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The leitmotif of this oeuvre is undoubtedly nature. The romance of the artist who goes out and learns to look in the woods, but, as mentioned, takes his findings back to the civilised world. Even his food pieces began with an epiphany he experienced during a tree felling course in which a pine branch revealed itself to him as roast chicken. In addition, nature, the open air, is also the ideal environment (the world a pedestal) to present these works. When it is not on sale in shops, it often takes its place among the trees in Middelheim Park or on the Bijloke site where he went to school.

Nature is the primordial material that must be mined again and again in new ways. Be it the drawings of trees he brought back from Spain or the stone table that he and his compagnon de route Liesbeth Henderickx left behind on the Swedish coast. Human beings leave their mark. The artist does this in a stylised way.

The boy scout of yesteryear has expanded his survival arsenal. No longer does he merely tie knots in rope or know how to light a fire. This book is proof that, over the past ten years, he has succeeded in connecting his fantasies and the images he gathers together into ever more overtly poetic gestures that can be transported both nimbly and conveniently in a backpack made of bark. In the hope of merchandising them to the inhabited world.

–Michaël Van Remoortere

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