Jarno Kettunen - A sketchbook as a diary

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About the book:

Jarno Kettunen, born in Finland in 1980, is an award winning fashion illustrator and visual artist focusing on quickly capturing the essence of moments and personalities into energetic hand-made drawings that evoke feelings of elegance, luxury, and glamour. He is a frequent fashion collaborator and makes his now famous “live illustrations” at such high-end fashion shows such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior Homme, AF Vandevorst, and Manish Arora. In 2014 he debuted at New York Fashion Week by making a portrait illustration of Diane von Furstenberg backstage at her spring-summer 2015 show.

His drawings are now assembled in a sketchbook diary, illustrated with calendar pads designed by Jarno. Printed on luxurious paper, this sketchbook is a must-have. Even more so because of its limited status: only 365 copies are for sale. 


About the artist

There is something magical about fashion illustrations. As if that one drawing stops time and a certain mood takes over. Going through some of Jarno Kettunen’s illustrations, that’s exactly what happens. In a subtle sketch, some well-chosen brush strokes, this artist takes fashion to a whole new level.

- Veerle Windels


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ISBN: 9789077207444
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