Hanne Lamon - Until the End, I will follow you

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until the end ___ I will follow you

For two decades, Hanne Lamon (°1982) has been making tranquil photographs of her everyday life that possess an unruly beauty. For Lamon, photography is a never-ending process. For the artist's book until the end ___ I will follow you, she tried to reveal the foundation of her photographic production, which turns out to be fragile and contradictory.

This fragile, precious gem was created on the basis of intuition and rationality, on a fast and unconscious, yet similarly deliberate and slow way of thinking. Some thirty ambiguous images were printed on wafer-thin paper, like photographic ice crystals in which time has been frozen. Tina De Souter gave the book a sober and elegant design, further enriched with a poetic text by Birsen Uçar - also known as the voice of the atmospheric dream pop band Hydrogen Sea. The various production phases were carefully executed in consultation with Bruno Devos, the driving force behind publishing house Stockmans.

Lamon's poetic universe evinces great sensibility and melancholy. The photographer creates images that throw light on a fragile and intimate world. Lamon focuses on human body language, subtle touches and draperies as well as mysterious landscape scenes and abstract compositions. She experiments with film photography, specific types of paper and manual, graphic printing processes. Her choices are well thought out and attest to a longing for an artisanal and tactile beauty.

The images are deeply rooted in personal struggles, turbulences and feelings of loss and hope. The photographer translates her struggles and conflicting emotions into a metaphorical and often dark imagery that conceals and reveals. Even though the photographs emerge from the artist's very own personal environment, they are nonetheless timeless, connective and universal. They suggest narratives and memories that possess a moving familiarity.

© Sofie Crabbé
© Photos: Justina Nekrašaitė, The Book Photographer

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ISBN: 9789077207864
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