Guy Vandenbranden (in collaboration with Gallery Callewaert-Vanlangendonck) - Inner Circle

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About the book:

In Guy Vandenbranden, Inner Circle writer David Vermeiren explores the friendships between Guy Vandenbranden (°1926) and contemporaries such as Bram Bogart, Pol Bury, Gilbert Decock, Jo Delahaut, Jan Dries, Walter Leblanc, Pol Mara, Luc Peire, Roger Raveel, Michel Seuphor, Gilbert Swimberghe, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Dan Van Severen, Jef Verheyen and Mark Verstockt. A richly illustrated text and catalogue emphasizes the international character of the Belgian art scene between 1955 and 1980.

This book offers an insight in the international network of the Belgian post-war avant-garde, from the perspective of Vandenbranden’s art and his close connections with avant-garde group Zero. Besides works by Vandenbranden, it presents paintings, drawings and sculptures by his friends, colleagues or what one would call: his inner circle.

The book, designed by Thomas Soete, has a very distinctive blue cover. The hardcover front and back are seemingly glued onto a paperback cover underneath. This results in a paperback spine combined with hardcover plats.

Published in collaboration with Gallery Callewaert-Vanlangendonck.


About the artist:

Guy Vandenbranden was an important artist of the Belgian post-war art scene, belonging to the second generation of Belgian constructivists. Following Piet Mondriaan and Victor Vasarely, he attained total geometrical abstraction.

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ISBN: 9789082482614
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