Paul Ibou - Metamorphosis - Art object (and calendar 2019 / April 2020)

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Based on the historical art publication Metamorphosis which dates back from 1968, Stockmans created together with Paul Ibou and curated by Bruno Devos an adaptation which results in a new contemporary art object, using the calendar as an 'excuse' to express the metamorphosis which consistently occurs. In the process the original die-cut tools of 1968 were used combining the most advanced printing techniques of today with artisan techniques and craftmanship of 50 year ago. Enjoy and value the rediscovery of this publication.


Some history:


An illegible color variation die-cut art book, published in 1968 by Henri Floris Jespers , (bvba Monas), in a limited edition, signed and numbered 1 / 1000 ex. by Paul Ibou. The concept exists in circles & squares. Introduction by well-known author Ivo Michiels . In parallel in the same period, creation of move-art plexiboxes and paintings. The art book gained worldwide attention in several media, press and television, and is in the permanent collection of museums, libraries and art collectors.

Printed in a limited edition of 400 copies, each copy signed by Paul Ibou.

Binding : Wire-o-binding, white
Size: 34 x 47 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Language: EN
Number of pages: 18
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