Belgische Saffraan - Een Smaak Vol Verrassing

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This is the first and wonderful Dutch-language book on saffron with stories and some 50 recipes.

Recipes by Linda Van den Bulck and by Chefs and professionals:
Seppe Nobels (Instroom Academy)
Nico Corbesier (restaurant Kline)
Nicolas Decloedt (restaurant Humus&Hortense)
Broes Tavernier (restaurant 't Vijfde Seizoen)
Wouter Keersmaekers (restaurant de Schone van Boskoop) and his mum
Ann Vansteenkiste (Curiosithee)
Caroline Baerten (restaurant Humus & Hortense)
Peter Steurs (baker)

As an experiment, Linda and Marc planted about 1,000 saffron crocuses in Morkhoven, in the middle of the Antwerp Kempen region, in 2012. Since that was an unexpected success, in 2013 they started 'Belgisch Saffraan', the first and still active saffron farm.

Linda shares saffronised recipes and Marc elaborates on his passion: saffron cultivation, aspects of regenerative agriculture and healthy soil life.

2023 they celebrate their 10th anniversary with this unique book and in doing so also honour their fine collaborations.

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ISBN: 9789464363517
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