Baracoa, bakermat van Cubaanse cacao - EN/SP

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About the book:

The publication of this book is at least as adventurous as the history that precedes the book. The journey through time and the wonderful traditions and history of chocolate takes us to Cuba’s most eastern city, its first capital. With its 500 year history Baracoa is Cuba’s oldest city, with the footprint of Christopher Columbus. Via collaboration with various universities an attempt is made to stimulate the immunity and growth of cocoa plants. A new history…

In collaboration with chocolatiers Pierre Marcolini and Jitsk Heyninck, Cuban visual artist Maria Cienfuegos and Chocolate World.

Binding : Hardcover
Size: 230 x 200 mm
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Language: EN, SP
Number of pages: 250
ISBN: 9789077207239
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