Annelies Vanoost - Paperwork 2018

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About the work:

Paperwork 2018 is reminiscent of the Bauhaus style and artists such as Calder. 

As a graphic designer, Annelies Vanoost naturally links product design with applied art. 

Her designs for Paperwork 2018, in collaboration with Stockmans, came into being through a series of sketches and collages that served as materials for specific product prints.

Paperwork consists of 8 different kinds of paper, 6 colours, and letterpress on 10 sheets. Each work has a separate perforation and blue glue assembles the piece. 

Next to their quality as a stand alone publication, the prints function as a calendar. 

Bring a bright pop of colour into your interior with Paperwork 2018!


Binding : Glued
Size: 34 x 47 cm
Weight: 0,75 kg
Language: NL
Number of pages: 14
ISBN: 9789077207451
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