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“Painting is my lifeblood.
I'll only stop when my right hand falls off.”

Jef Van Campen is a man of few words, but what he says is spot on. That's also how he paints: from a gut feeling, averse to every influence or fashion trend. He is an authentic artist and he wants to touch the soul of whomever views his canvases. Jef is an Aquarius. That's his zodiac sign, but that one word says so much more. He has a passion for ships, for water, for the port, etc. He has painted maritime subjects his whole life. As a boy he jumped on his bike, rode around the port of Antwerp and was fascinated by what he saw.

Philip Heylen
Honorary Alderman for the City of Antwerp


Jef Van Campen, the impression interpreted

As a young teenager, Jef Van Campen wanted to attend the art academy, but the headmaster thought he was too young. He was steered towards evening school. Since then Jef has never stopped learning and painting. He is a real "Sinjoor" and descends from a family of artisans and artists who have blood ties with Antwerp. Being an artist is in his genes and he is passionate about everything that's related to the port, water and the sea. We mainly know Jef Van Campen as a marine painter and he still is. He paints imposing cargo ships, turbulent or calm seas, bustling port landscapes or attractive coastlines, and sometimes imaginative portraits of strong women.

Daan Rau

   Philip Heylen, Daan Rau & Karen Moeskops

Published by
   Galerie Van Campen & Rochtus in collaboration with Stockmans
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