Maarten Inghels - Gelieve in de kelder te kijken - Veuillez regarder dans la cave - Please look in the basement

ISBN number: 9789464363425
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‘Please Look in the Basement’ is a quirky collection of posters of lost cats, dogs, birds and other pets, carefully curated from the collection of Maarten Inghels, Jan Lemaire, Jean-Michel Meyers, Denis Meyers and Nicolas Marichal from Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.

Fellow collector and writer Maarten Inghels took the posters as the starting point for conversations with the owners. Apart from the posters, this maverick collectible bundles whimsical anecdotes about loneliness and friendship in the big city. How do you find an escaped animal? Does a cat survive a fall from the fourth floor? And did the fortune-teller really see the location of the lost dog in her crystal ball?

‘Please Look in the Basement’ is an ode to the bizarre occurrences of our four- legged friends and the doltish typography of homemade posters. Inghels tells the stories of pets who one day decide to go their own way.

Binding : Paperback
Size: 230 x 317 mm
Weight: 850 gr
Language: NL / EN / FR
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9789464363425
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